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What is the animal Tsikkaba known for?

The Tsikkaba is a common name for several types of owls that belong to the genus Strix.
Some of the most well-known Tsikkaba species are:
  • The Spotted Tsikkaba (Strix virgata), which has brown and white spots on its head, chest, and back.
    It lives in humid forests and feeds on small mammals, birds, and insects.
  • The Zebra Tsikkaba (Strix huhula), which has black and white stripes on its face, neck, and chest.
    It lives in lowland and montane forests and feeds on rodents, and bats.
Tsikkabas are known for their nocturnal habits, their large eyes, and their eerie calls.
Tsikkabas are sometimes hunted by humans for their feathers, meat, or as pets, but they are also respected and feared by some indigenous cultures, who associate them with death and bad luck.

Where does the Tsikkaba live?

The Tsikkaba is a type of owl that lives in Central and South America.

It is also known as the Mottled Owl or the Spotted Owl.

The Tsikkaba has brown and white feathers that help it blend in with the trees.

It has large yellow eyes and a round face.

It is a nocturnal bird that hunts rodents, insects, and small birds.

It makes a loud, whistling call that sounds like "tsik-ka-ba".

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