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Where does the Swan live?

Swans are large waterfowl that live in various habitats that have access to water.
They prefer shallow ponds, lakes, slow rivers, wetlands, and marshes.
They also need large areas of open land or water for taking off and landing, because of their size and weight.
Swans are found in different regions of the world, depending on the species.
Some swans are native to Australia, New Zealand, and South America, while others are found in Europe, North America, and Asia.
Some swans migrate to warmer or colder climates during the winter or summer, while others stay in the same place year-round.
Swans usually nest on mounds of aquatic vegetation near the water's edge, where they can protect their eggs and young from predators.
Swans are beautiful and graceful birds that have adapted to various environments and climates.


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