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Where does the Mohua live?

The Mohua is a small, yellow-headed bird that is endemic to New Zealand.

It lives in the beech forests of the South Island and some parts of the North Island.

The Mohua is considered to be a threatened species, as its population has declined dramatically due to habitat loss, predation by introduced mammals, and competition from other birds.

Conservation efforts include predator control, habitat restoration, and translocation of birds to new sites.

What does the Mohua look like?

The Mohua is a small bird that lives only in New Zealand.
It has a bright yellow head and breast, a brown back and wings, and a white belly.
The mohua eats insects and honeydew in the beech forests of the South Island and Stewart Island.
It is endangered by predators like rats and stoats, and by habitat loss and competition.
This bird is also known as the yellowhead, and it is featured on the $100 note of New Zealand.

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