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Where does the Loon live?

The loon is a type of aquatic bird that lives in different habitats depending on the season.
During the breeding season, loons prefer freshwater lakes and ponds that are surrounded by forests.
They nest on the shore or on small islands, and they need clear water to hunt for fish and other prey.
Loons are found in Canada and the northern United States, including Alaska.

In the winter, loons migrate to coastal ocean waters, where they can find more food and avoid freezing temperatures.
They also use saltwater habitats such as estuaries, bays, and inlets.
Loons are less territorial in the winter, and they may form loose flocks with other loons or waterfowl.
Loons can also be seen on large inland waterways, such as rivers or reservoirs, that have enough depth and open water for them to dive and swim.

What does the Loon look like?

A loon is a type of aquatic bird that belongs to the family Gaviidae.

There are five living species of loons, which are found in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Loons have a distinctive black-and-white plumage in summer, with a grey head and neck in some species.

They have a long, spear-shaped bill and red eyes.

In winter, they have a dark grey plumage with a white chin, throat, and underside.

Loons are excellent swimmers and divers, but they have difficulty walking on land because their feet are located far back on their body.

They also have a loud and varied call, which is often heard at night.

Loons are mainly fish-eaters, but they also consume crustaceans, mollusks, and amphibians.

They nest on the shores of lakes or islands, where they lay one or two eggs in a shallow depression.

Loons are monogamous and territorial, and they may return to the same breeding site year after year.

Loons are admired for their beauty and their haunting voice, and they are symbols of wilderness and nature.

The common loon is the official state bird of Minnesota, and Mercer, Wisconsin, calls itself the "Loon Capital of the World".

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