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What is the animal Kuksha known for?

The animal Kuksha is a bird of the crow family, also known as the Siberian jay.
It is native to the boreal forests of Eurasia, especially Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway.
It is known for its social and curious behavior, as well as its ability to survive harsh winters.

The Kuksha has a brownish-gray plumage, with a darker head and a pale throat.
It has a long tail and a short, stout bill.
It is about 27 cm long and weighs about 80 g.
It feeds mainly on seeds, berries, insects and small rodents.
It sometimes caches food for later use, and can remember the locations of hundreds of hidden food items.

The Kuksha is a monogamous and territorial bird, forming long-term pairs that defend their home range from intruders.
It breeds in late spring or early summer, building a cup-shaped nest of twigs and moss, lined with feathers and hair, in a tree cavity or a dense conifer.
It lays 3 to 5 eggs, which are incubated by the female for about 18 days.

The Kuksha is a very vocal and intelligent bird, capable of mimicking the calls of other birds and animals.
It has a complex communication system, using different calls to convey information about food, predators, social interactions and emotions.
It is also very friendly and inquisitive, often approaching humans and other animals with curiosity and fearlessness.
It can even learn to recognize and trust individual humans, and accept food from their hands.

The Kuksha is not threatened by extinction, but its population may decline due to habitat loss, predation and competition from other corvids.
It is considered a symbol of wisdom and loyalty in some cultures, and a pest and a thief in others.
It is also featured in many folk tales and legends, often as a trickster or a helper.

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