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Horned bird

Horned bird

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What is the animal Horned bird known for?

There are different kinds of horned birds
That live in various parts of the world
Some are large and loud, some are small and swift
But all of them have something to be told

The hornbill is a tropical bird
With a curved bill and a casque on top
It feeds on fruits and small animals
And nests in tree holes with a mud stop

The lark is a songbird of the open fields
With a short bill and a crest on its head
It sings in flight and on the ground
And builds its nest of grass and thread

The horned screamer is a waterfowl
With a spiny horn and a chicken-like bill
It has black and white plumage and red eyes
And makes a loud call that can chill

These are some examples of horned birds
That have their own beauty and charm
They are part of nature's diversity
And deserve our respect and no harm

Where does the Horned bird live?

The horned bird, also known as the horned lark or shore lark, is a species of lark that lives across the northern hemisphere.
It can be found in a variety of habitats, such as fields, deserts, tundra, mountains, and coasts.
It is the only native lark in North America.
Some of the subspecies are named after the regions where they live, such as the Oregon horned lark, the Saskatchewan horned lark.

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