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Where does the Guillemot live?

The Guillemot is a common name for several species of seabirds in the Alcidae or auk family.
They are mostly found in the northern hemisphere, especially in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
Guillemots feed on fish, crabs, molluscs, and other marine animals, diving deep into the water and using their wings to swim.
They are vulnerable to oil spills, overfishing, and climate change, which may affect their food sources and nesting habitats.

What does the Guillemot look like?

A guillemot is a bird that lives by the sea
It has a brown head and a white belly
It lays a single egg on a cliff so high
And dives in the water to catch its prey

The guillemot loves the ocean blue
It flies and swims with grace and skill
It nests among its feathered crew
On rocky ledges, steep and still

The guillemot has a pointed bill
It spears the fish with speed and might
It feeds its chick with care and will
And guards it from the gulls in flight

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