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What does the Derbnik look like?

The Derbnik is a small falcon that belongs to the order of falconiformes.

It has a stocky body with a long tail and short wings.

The length of its body ranges from 24 to 32 cm, and the wingspan is 53 to 73 cm.

The female is usually larger than the male by a third, and can weigh up to 315 grams.

The Derbnik has a colorful plumage that varies depending on the habitat.

The general tone of the feathers is grayish dark-gray with brown.

The head is dark sandy with brown-black spots.

The neck has a white collar that can be narrow or wide.

The belly is also dark sandy with dark markings.

The tail is gray on top and sandy on the bottom, with a dark brown band at the end.

The wings are striped with light and dark bands on the inside, and darker on the outside.

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